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Dinner Party Ideas Impress Guests

8 Dinner Party Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Dinner parties: they’re fun, filled with meaningful conversations, great socialisation tools, and best of all, amazing times to try mouthwatering cuisine. However, for the host, things can be a bit stressful. Hosting a dinner party calls for endless decisions that can make or break your party. 

What menu should you opt for? Is dinner decor a little overboard? Should you hire a chef? How about the venue? Well, don’t stress – here’s a complete guide on hosting an unforgettable dinner party:

8 Key Dinner Party Rules You Should Know

1. Start by Deciding on the Type of Dinner Party to Throw

Is the party simply an easy dinner with a casual feel, or is it completely formal? This is one of the questions every host should answer first. That way, the party planner will know how to set up the venue to impress your guests.

2. Ensure there’s Enough Space at the Venue

When it comes to hosting, one of the most critical factors to consider is whether or not the venue has enough space. Don’t invite 10 guests to a dinner party in an apartment that has a small dining table of only four people.

3. Send Formal Invites

Even for informal dinner events, most people still appreciate an invitation. It’s a quick and easy approach to make the occasion feel more special.

4. Only Bring the Necessary Utensils to the Table

The only items that need to be placed on the dining table are the dishes and utensils that will be used to serve the food. For example, a host should not bring an oyster fork to the table, simply because it is cute.

5. Be Mentally Prepared for Last-minute Cancellations

People don’t always stick to their plans and end up bailing at the last minute. Make every effort not to take this personally. Instead, concentrate on the people who do turn up to the party and have a good time.

6. Be Gracious With Surprise Guests

Sometimes, the guests may come with a plus one. Instead of stressing out or being angry, be gracious and simply add an extra seat to the table. As mentioned in the previous point, sometimes some people don’t turn up so things may balance out anyway.

7. Provide Details about Food to Guests in Advance

As some people have allergies and diet restrictions, it is courteous to be upfront about the party’s menu to the guests. That way, guests who cannot eat what is being served can have an alternative prepared for them.

8. Only Hire Qualified Chefs

A dinner party is a total failure if the food is poorly cooked. For this reason, hosts should only work with qualified chefs to avoid embarrassment.

Dinner Party Ideas Impress Guests

8 Incredible Food Suggestions for a Dinner Party

1. Beef Wellington

If none of the guests invited is vegan, this is a perfect dinner idea. It is simple to make and goes well with red wine.

2. Roast Chicken

If most of the guests are white meat enthusiasts, roast chicken with some butternut squash soup is a good combination. This meal can be served with white wine and every guest will be impressed.

3. Puff Pastry Croutons

This is one of the most popular dinner party recipes to implement when the host loves to bake. Go the extra mile and use some olive oil to give the herb-crusted puff pastry croutons some flavour.

4. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but they are also high in potassium, fibre, and many other essential nutrients. They are also easy to make and go with just about any side dish.

5. Veggie Frittatas

When it comes to making a dinner full of healthy fats and proteins, eggs are the solution. Simply add different vegetables to the mix and a tomato sauce topping for flavour.

6. Brown Rice Pasta

This meal works perfectly for any special occasion, be it dinner or lunch, and it even comes in a gluten-free variety. Just hire a qualified chef like At the Italian Table, and every guest will enjoy the meal.

7. Healthy Soups

A thick, steaming cup of soup is one of the most satisfying meals to have for dinner. Fortunately, soup is easy to cook and is a great meal prep option because the host can create big servings. Moreover, guests can eat it with anything including bread and rice.

8. Curry

Curry is a magnificent option for a quick, full dinner because it’s adaptable, simple to prepare, and suitable for many guests. Just make chickpea and mashed potato curry and serve it over pasta or bread.

Final thoughts

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, especially when the guests are many and the host wants to leave a lasting impression. From the dress code to the food, the host must plan everything well. More importantly, they’ve got to invite all the guests early enough to avoid last-minute cancellations.

It’s also always advisable to work with professionals when planning any party or special occasion. This is because professionals are experienced and they have all the right tools for the job. Therefore, if the budget allows, hire a professional party planner as well as a personal chef and let them work their magic.

Hire a Personal Chef for Your Dinner Party Needs

As stated earlier, a dinner party is a total failure if the food is not delicious. Remember, most people associate dinner parties with food, more than anything else. As such, when hosting guests for dinner, you need to go all out with the food.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good cook, especially when it comes to making formal dinner meals. However, thanks to personal chefs, this should never be an issue. All a dinner party needs is a professional personal chef like At the Italian Table and everything else will flow.

Our chefs are skilled, certified, and passionate about giving you amazing food experiences. Whether it is a dinner party for five, or twenty, we are guaranteed to please. We will help you create a unique menu to impress your guests while still working within your budget.

Please call us today on 0467 488 310 or leave an inquiry and let us help you host the dinner party of the year!

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