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Italian Cuisines for Your Home Party

11 Amazing Italian Cuisines for Your Home Party

Have you ever thought of hosting an Italian dinner party for your friends and family? 

One thing with Italians is that they have an effective and simple way of arranging their dishes. First comes the aperitivos followed by antipasto, primi, and secondi. The last thing to have at an Italian party dinner is the Dolce, which is simply dessert. There are, of course, ten courses in a formal Italian meal, though only the four listed above matter the most.

When preparing an Italian dinner for your guests, you have to be careful to serve the courses at their appropriate intervals. If you bring out a dolce before a primi, or a secondi before an aperitivo, you will be heavily frowned upon. 

This article will discuss some of the most amazing Italian cuisines to have at your Italian home dinner party. We will also include some tips that you can apply to bring out an authentic Italian atmosphere to the party. Read on for more information.

Italian Cuisines To Enjoy At Your Home Party

There are numerous Italian cuisines that you can enjoy at home with your guests. Below are eleven of the best style dinners that you can enjoy the Italian way.

1). Smoked Salmon and Watercress Crostini; these are little toasts that combine smoked salmon, watercress pesto, lemon ricotta, and fresh grapes in a classic Italian style. They have a sweet and savoury taste.

2). Artichoke Bruschetta: This is an easy appetiser made of cream cheese and marinated artichoke hearts which are whipped together to bring out a creamy spread. Adding a red jalapeno pepper provides a little kick to the appetiser.

3). Italian Savory Cheesecake: This luxurious dish includes a creamy blend of gorgonzola, ricotta cheese, and salty green olives, all set on top of cracker crumbs.

4). Spaghetti Carbonara: This simple classic Roman dish uses a few ingredients such as cheese, eggs, and bacon. If you want a more thick pasta, try to incorporate bucatini and adjust the time for cooking the pasta.

Italian Cuisines for Your Home Party

5). Chicken Breasts Pizzaiola: This is a perfect dish if your friends or visitors prefer poultry. It includes steamed chicken breasts topped with cheese and tomato sauce. It is identical to Chicken Parmigiana.

6). Spicy Pork with Tomatoes: The dish includes a pork tenderloin simmered in herbs and spicy tomato sauce. It is an irresistible and succulent main dish with fire-roasted tomatoes adding to its depth and complexity. The best thing about this meal is to reuse the leftovers as pasta sauce later.

7). Meatballs with Tomato Sauce: According to popular belief, Italians do not serve meatballs with pasta since it is their dish. However, our recipe here uses minced beef which can be changed by adding veal or pork for a more delicious true Italian taste. This is definitely one Italian dish to add to your dinner party menu.

8). Chocolate Cream Cheese Tart: This dark and delicious tart comprises just four ingredients. Luckily, this dessert is not too sweet, and it is easy to incorporate with port or espresso.

9). Tiramisu: The tiramasu dessert has layers of strong brewed coffee, mascarpone cheese, and ladyfinger cookies. In Italy, Tiramisu translates to pick me up; thus, you won’t want to put it down after tasting it!

10). Pistachio Ice Cream: In Italy, Pistachios are quite popular and available even in cannoli and gelato. They are made of ice cream and shaved chocolate hints.

11). Panna cotta: Panna cotta is the Italian name for cooked cream. This dessert comprises a sweet cream thickened using gelatin and is cooked in olive oil. It is then moulded and aromatised with flavourings such as vanilla and coffee. It is usually served with chocolate, berries, caramel, or liqueurs.

Tips For Hosting The Perfect Italian Dinner Party

There are various tips to employ if you want to host the perfect Italian dinner party for your guests. These tips include:

  • Setting up the table
  • Set up the mood
  • Start with an Aperitivo

All these are explained below.

The table arrangement is the foundation of an exquisite Italian feast. There should be water and red wine set on the table, with the guests facing adjacent to each other. You should also set empty plates on a relaxed tablecloth to leave space in the middle where the guests can serve themselves. You can improve the tone of the tablecloth using silverware and seasonal flowers if there is plenty of space. Warring guests should be placed on opposite ends, with the couples sitting next to each other.

You need to queue up your favourite playlist for the evening when setting up the mood. However, this will depend on your guests, whereas some prefer a little Italian-American flair, others may find classical operas and contemporary sounds cool. If the dinner is outdoors, you can add some candles to the table.

Italian cuisine usually dictates that an aperitivo is taken between 4 pm and 9 pm and you should serve the appetiser right before having dinner. Red wine is a popular option in this regard, but you can try some quintessential Italian drinks such as Prosecco, Campari, or Aperol. Other popular drinks to serve are negroni, vermouth, and classic gin martini.

Final Thoughts

Italians are great at preparing their food, ranging from the aperitivo, primi, secondi, and dolce. Preparing an Italian meal for your guests is a great way to have them licking their fingers and asking you for your recipes as these particular meals are super delicious and sure to please. 

Luckily, you do not have to prepare all these meals if you don’t want to or if you are not feeling like it. 

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